Thousands of families in our communities are facing the great challenge due to lack of health specialists and service. In order to save the community, Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) has established the hospital known as CCDO Maternity Zero hospital. The major theme of the hospital is to assist the community to fight against infections and diseases which affect the community and to improve the life standard of the people. The Hospital is located at Nduli, Iringa- Tanzania. The hospital is well equipped and it is already in operation. CCDO body has the hope that, the hospital will provide much contribution to the people and the government. To make this goal a reality, we need your help!

Therefore, CCDO Maternity Zero Hospital is requesting medical volunteers from different places in the world who are ready to work with us in building the community. The volunteer should be expert in medical health, should have the skills on fundraising, knowledge on how to tackle the Africa neglected diseases and other related diseases. The volunteers who are going to work with us will be offered with social support like working allowances and settlement area. Also the volunteers will be assisted to get the working permit.

If you are interested in becoming a passionate on building the community through health service as a volunteer at CCDO Maternity Zero Hospital, please use the following contacts to reach us.

WhatsApp: +255754813368

Email: childrencareorg1@gmail.com

Address: P. O. Box 1751 Kihesa, Iringa- Tanzania

Website: www.ccdo-tanzania.org

We look forward to hear from you.       

With regards,

Majaliwa Mbogela,

Chairperson and founder,

Children Care Development Organization (CCDO).