CCDO in Tanzania

for the eradication of poverty

Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is a national NGO working in Tanzania to serve poor marginalized vulnerable groups as such children, women and those with disabilities. Through the promotion of our projects, vocational training, entrepreneurship, health care, ICT and tourism, CCDO has been aiding local communities in need for over 10+ years.

We are located in Iringa town of the Iringa region in Tanzania. It is located between latitudes 6° 55¹ and 10 ° 30¹ south of the Equator and between longitudes 33° 45¹ and 36° 55¹ east of Greenwich. To the north of the region are Singida and Dodoma regions. It borders Morogoro region in the east and Ruvuma region and via Lake Nyasa the Republic of Malawi. 

Iringa Region, Tanzania