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Improving Work Prospects


Offering courses to promote employment post-graduation, the CCDO Vocational Training Centre opens its doors this July 2016 to:-

  • Promote an academic community of Iringa Region by providing skills to youths and adults, so they can gain successful employment to provide sustainable livelihoods and financial stability; 
  • Advocate the required skills and learning required to enable youths and adults access to employment and self-employment.   

To start with, we are offering Carpentry and Tailoring Certificates to the local community. In addition, we are providing complimentary training in English & Business Management, with the hope of fostering entrepreneurship and good practice in our students, equipping them for the retail industry upon completing their courses. After a successful run with these two Certificates, our intention is to provide training in other livelihood-focused areas, such as Mechanics, Health and Teaching Training. There is a real need within the community to assist unemployed youth and adults in finding gainful work and business, so ensuring the sustainability of the project is vital to providing a good service to the local community and is the number one priority of the CCDO in the establishment of the Peace Flame School & Vocational Training Centre. 

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Peace Flame School
Kihesa, Iringa, Tanzania.

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