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Meet our team


To strengthen local community through the promotion of education and access to health care and information, in the hope of building capacity and resilience within our more deprived sectors.

To develop sustainable livelihood and conservation programs within our region, whilst promoting human rights, advocacy and positive life choices and decisions


The major objective of CCDO has been to establish a school that will offer education to local pre-primary & primary children from the poorer villages, secondary level and vocational training to Iringa youth and adults. The primary section is up and running, serving over 70 pupils and the vocational training centre opens its doors in July 2016. At present, our goal is to consolidate these services at our Peace Flame School site in Nduli, which requires further fundraising and building work.

We have established a solid microfinancing scheme for women and vulnerable adults, currently helping around 80 women & men in the wider districts, and this year, we will be expanding this service to reach more families in need. CCDO is also involved in various local conservation, education and health projects, reliant on NGO, government and UN funding proposals and grants.

From there, further goals include: offering a teaching diploma at the Peace Flame School; establishing a rural health centre to improve child and women’s quality of life; further expansion of the microfinancing scheme to support grassroots projects; ongoing conservation and climate change programs


Majaliwa Mbogella Board Member & Founder

Majaliwa is the essence of what makes a community leader. His belief and effusive energy spear the charge   making CCDO a real mechanism for change  

Elizabeth Thompson Executive Director (volunteer)

Healthcare management and teaching, including strong project management and business analysis. Masters in the humanitarian field., Lizzie was on the board of  UK charity, Heads Up, successfully raising funds to help in the quest to beat ENT Cancer

Constancia Sanga Microfinance & Project Coordinator

Years of commercial experience in retail and business, currently manages the microfinance team and doubles up as office manager. Great networking and community relationships. Been with CCDO since the beginning

Janus Nyamoga Deputy Director & Project Coordinator (volunteer)

Decades of experience as a qualified  accountant running his own businesses. James has been with CCDO for a few months, helping to increase transparency and budgeting, including audit and financial reporting. 

Daudi Lawasare: Project Coordinator (volunteer)

Been involved with community charities his whole life, including as a Masaai spokesperson. Background in project & business management and teaching. Daudi has been with CCDO a few months, helping with fundraising & reviewing projects, helping us learn from our previous work.

Stadia Gustaph
Project Coordinator

Background in tourism, broadcasting and project management, she is currently our main Fahari Yetu Project Coordinator, working with various stakeholders to improve cultural awareness in the region.

Darren Tree
IT & Logistics Manager (volunteer)

Years of experience in oil & gas industry, as well as computer science & design. Currently managing office IT, relocation project and vehicle maintenance.

Hilialence Lihawa
Chairperson Microfinance

Cristina Kilpamindubu
Board Member

Leonula Lupenza
General Secretary (Board)

Madame Joyce
Headmistress of Primary School & Teacher

Madame Sherida
Deputy Headmistress of Primary School & Teacher


Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) formerly Christ Care Development Foundation was established in 2009 and granted full legal registration No. ooNGO/00003818 on 13th April 2010, mandated to operate in Tanzania Mainland in accordance with its governing constitution by the Ministry of Development, Gender and Children of The United Republic of Tanzania.

The original Founders of CCDO were Majaliwa Mbogella & Consitasia Sanga, a couple committed to improving the lives of the children and community around them, with the support of local friends and councillors: Rita Mlaki (MP), Christina Sanga, Beatrice Mosha, Tuliza Mbilinyi, Joseph Mchome, Christina Kilipwa Mwambwa, Mary Prosper, Rev. Upendo Filingali, Situs Kanyama and Sylivia Mbogella.

The organisation is now flourishing with a team of Project Co-ordinators, Teachers, Microfinance Manager & General Helpers (a combination of volunteers and paid staff), reporting to the Chief Executive Director, up to the Board Members

Peace Flame School
Kihesa, Iringa, Tanzania.

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